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The Virginia Chevy Lovers had 8 participants, 9 vehicles including Fords, Chevrolets, and a M939 5 ton military truck.  What other club can show up to a parade with such a diverse group of vehicles, especially a military 5 ton.  And I bet you are wondering...8 participants and 9 vehicles.  Well, of course, Charlie Dawson always shows up to carry the dignitaries with three cars and two extra drivers and Richard had a guest. Besides Charlie, John McKay, Bill Treadwell and Jason Patton carried dignitaries.  Don Cook, Richard Goodboy and lady friend, Robert Lace and myself were in the parade.  Parade was a lot smaller this year, but was great fun non the less.  And the weather was awesome.  Had a great time, with great friends!

Any Old Road (Will Take You There) - Balsam Range
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