Want to Become a New Member?

Existing members renew dues on the "Members Only" page located under "Membership" in the header 

Becoming a new member of VCL is easy; just follow these simple steps below:

1 - Fill out the VCL New Member Application on this page and tell us all about you and your car(s).

2 - Submit your completed form.

3 - Choose one of the following pay options:

A. Make a check payable to VCL for $25.00 and mail to:    Bill Treadwell

                 416 Woodlake Road

                 Virginia Beach, VA 23452; or

B. Bring cash or check to the next VCL gathering; or

C. Click on the paypal button below to purchase your renewal online.

That's it!  Once finished you will be contacted by someone in our club leadership to welcome you and invite you to our next club gathering.

Note: 2020 New Member dues are $25.00 for the year.  If joining after June 30, dues are $12.50.