Hall Chevrolet VCLC Display

In a mutual arrangement, Hall Chevrolet as a cornerstone sponsor of the Virginia Chevy Lovers, will be showcasing a VCL member car In their showroom for the foreseeable future. Charlie Dawson and his beautiful 1968 Z-28 Camaro was the first Club member to kick off the program. 


Charlie was gracious enough to trailer his Z-28 the showroom on Western  Branch Blvd  in Chesapeake. On hand were Regional General Manager, George Ransom and Chevrolet Store General Manager, Wendy Aston. This co-marketing arrangement will benefit both Hall as well as the Virginia Chevy Lovers. Hall has designated a position front and center in their showroom with stanchions roping off the vehicle to allow admirers to get close, but not touching close.


In addition a table is placed near by with Hall and VCL information. 

Several members have already offered their cars for future placement.  Time frame for each vehicle is workable as the Hall folks are extremely flexible. A story board will be developed for each vehicle with some specifications, marketing information and some background from the owner.