2018 Coastal Virginia Auto Show

The 2018 Coastal Virginia Auto Show has come and gone and VCL participants helped to make it a big success! From just showing up and entering, to helping get vehicles parked and staged, and to taking home the hardware, it was a good show! VCL had 16 vehicles registered and garnered the Best Club Participation Award! FIVE Top 40 Awards to Bill Treadwell, Charlie Dawson (Camaro), Don Cook, John Herbert, and Joe Smith. One Top 30 to Tom Starnes (1 day show), and specialized or class awards went to Don Cook, Carl Knauer, Robert Lace (BMY), Steve Vause, Charlie Dawson (El Camino). VCL members accounted for less than 5% of the total entries and took about 10% of the awards! Congrats to all!

John Herbert 1968 Camaro
Don Cook 1970 Nova SS
George Smith 1965 Corvette
Bill Treadwell 1969 Camaro
Walt Raffa 1969 Corvette
Larry Richway 2017 Dodge Charger
Carl Knauer 1950 Chevy 3100
Bill Treadwell 1973 Oldsmobile 442
Robert Lace 1969 Firebird
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Don Cook 1970 Nova SS